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What Types Of Internet Addictions Are There?

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Pornography Webcam Addiction

Pornography addiction has its roots in the viewing and hording of magazine and video pornography, however these days; the porn addict has a new and frighteningly powerful and problematic enabler called the Internet, and webcams. Porn addicts can engage their Internet porn problem by viewing online still photos, by downloading porn films or with the use of webcam sex. Some use the Internet to simply view images while others flood their minds with explicit content involving webcams. This is a condition many men struggle with today, but there is hope and it's found in Jesus Christ. When Jesus was on the cross He said "It is Finished," meaning all your sins, and mishaps, and hang ups were crucified with him. This is why we are free in Christ Jesus. So if you are caught up in this addiction with webcams and internet pornography please contact us. Internet pornography is extremely easy to fall into, simple as a wrong search keyword can pull it up on your screen. Christ paved the way for your freedom though!
Webcam Addiction
Webcam Addictions and Pornography Help
These are some addictive behavior patterns

         1. Anger or irritablity if asked to stop

           2. Hiding or attempting to keep secret all or a part of the porn use

           3. Getting lost in the problem porn use - i.e. Spending more time than intended

          4. An inability to stop the behavior, even after trying multiple times to stop

          5. Continuing the behavior despite obvious consequences – relationships, job

Getting Help and Tips to be set free from Pornography
8 key tips to a turn-around

           1. Getting blocking software for the computer

           2. Knowing the stages of porn addiction

           3. Putting up inspirational pictures around the computer (kids, people you love)

           4. Moving the computer to a public space in the home – not in a den or bedroom

           5. A commitment to breaking pornography addition has to be renewed daily

           6. Go to support groups, and share with people of similar struggles

           7. Having an addiction prevention plan – to carry out when tempted

           8. Knowing the signs of porn addiction – both the general signs and those specific

Growing up today, technology is available to everyone. Webcams are a tool used for conferencing, for communicating, for video chats, and a way to find yourself in trouble if not careful. Many teens these days have a webcam or a laptop with one already built into it, and use them in sensual ways. It could start out as a simple chat between you and your girlfriend, chemistry arises, and next thing you know you're typing things you know you shouldn't. Parents please be aware of this today. This is one habit that is extemely sensual, addictive, and can cause distractions from your every day life. The Internet even has websites that allow anyone any age to go on and look at different girls on a webcam 24/7 for free, or for a paid service. This is one habit we're tying to clean up! Contact Us
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James 1:14-15 But every man is tempted, when he is drawn away of his own lust, and enticed. Then when lust hath conceived, it bringeth forth sin: and sin, when it is finished, bringeth forth death.
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