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What Types Of Internet Addictions Are There?
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Social Networking
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Facebook Addiction?

Facebook has become an indispensable way to find old friends, schedule events, play games and even send virtual gifts. But if you’re doing more living online than off, it might be time to reassess. Many students are now seeing Facebook more as an addiction than a networking tool, and psychologists are starting to agree. Are personal relationships taking a backseat to Facebook? Do you think about Facebook even when you’re offline? Do you use Facebook to escape problems or homework? Do you stay on Facebook longer than intended? Have you ever concealed Facebook use? There is hope for this though the key may be as simple as diagnosing your triggers and changing your habits. If you spend more time than you intended on social networks then you may want to find out how we can help you.

" Myspace took over my life, I was on it everyday for at least 6 hours. I had 1,500 friends, and almost 300 comments on every picture I had. Myspace was my drug."
Aly S.
Social Network Addictions
5 Clues you might be addicted

1. You lose sleep over Social Networks

If you're staying up late at night because you're on social networks, and you're tired the next day, online social networking may be a compulsion for you.

2. You spend more than an hour a day on Social Networks

You find yourself clicking to other's pages and just looking at photo's commenting, friends online, become of the utmost importance to you.

3. You become obsessed with old loves

Reconnecting with old friends is one of the great attractions of networks, and there's nothing necessarily wrong with "friending" an old boyfriend or girlfriend. Be Careful

4. You ignore work in favor of Online Social Networks

All of a sudden you spend more time looking around, old memories stir up, and you lose focus at work. Many people have lost jobs over social networking on the clock.

5. The thought of getting off Social Networks leaves you in a cold sweat

Faced with a desicion to get off puts your body into a withdrawal state of being, and you can't imagine doing anything but being online addicted to the internet.

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