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Online Auction Addictions

Online auctions have become a podium for internet user to sell, buy, and trade just about anything a person could conceivably want on the web. Over the years auction and wholesale marketing sites have seen a tremendous rise in popularity as well as their potential for abuse and overuse. It is very common for people who claim to have an addiction to online auctions to feel an adrenaline rush when they feel they have won or scored a huge bargain. Some bidders sit up into the wee hours of the morning watching the seconds count down until the very last seconds before entering their final bid in hopes to win their trophies.
Now online auction sites boast the automatic bid feature where they can place their final bid amount an even if they aren’t present at the time of the bid the feature will continue to bid for them until they either win or undoubtedly are out bid. Laughable I think this is simply a technique used by the online market place to up the anti if you get my drift.
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Online Auction Addiction
You just bought something you really don't need for too much!
To a person who is just starting out using online auctions or marketing sites it seems very convenient and fun, and at times extremely rewarding especially when a very coveted prize has been won. Also most of the auction sites are knitted together in a very close environment that becomes a kind of social network, giving the buyers and sellers a sense of friendship and even a clique mentality. People can use these networks as tools to alleviate pressure or escape the stress of their every day lives.

Competitive people by nature are drawn to online auctions because of the sense of empowerment received when they win and the success they feel afterward. An overwhelming desire for more and more follows.

Warning Signs:
Once a person can no longer control their desire or feelings about the auctions, there is definitely a cause for concern.
If a person has to continually spend increasing amounts before achieving the level of excitement or the rush they intend a person could be developing an addiction.
When busy with something else entirely the person’s thoughts are drawn back to the auction or their involvement with the auction.
  Heb 13:5  Let your conversation be without covetousness; and be content with such things as ye have: for he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.
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So how is it that people can become addicted to online bidding, you ask? Simple, the rush they get from the chase or hunt, and then the reward or pay off being their prize at the end of the pursuit. The same way a drug addict gets an adrenaline rush of going after their particular drug of choice and then the relief they feel once they get it in hand, then the pay off being the high at the end of the whole ordeal.  Anything that a person immerses themselves into even technology can undoubtedly bring about some form of addiction or risk for abuse from over use. It may not be a physical addiction such as drug addicts suffer, but it is a compulsion which is the urge to repeat the same behavior over and over again disregarding the ramifications of their actions.
Online Auction Addiction
Internet Addiction Online Auctions Teens Troubled
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