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Considered another Drug?

Concern is spreading among parents and mental-health professionals that the exploding popularity of computer and video games has a deeper dark side than simple couch-potatohood. This gaming addiction has been considered by many in the professional arena to be a new drug amongst young adults and children. Studies show that 92 percent of children under age 18 play regularly. According to the Media Research Lab at Iowa State University, about 8.5 percent of 8-to-18-year-old gamers can be considered pathologically addicted, and nearly one quarter of young people—more males than females—admit they've felt addicted. Contact us Today if you feel someone is in danger of this habit!
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Online Video Game Addictions
Growing numbers of stories in the press speak about gamers who play for extended periods of time and suffer for it, some even dying apparently as a result of too much video gaming. Is online gaming hazardous, even addictive as some claim?

Many of us have stayed up late more than once playing our favorite computer or online games. And some of us have even heard complaints from our families and significant others about the amount of time we spend playing online games rather than with them. Maybe a few of us have even wished we could sneak in a game while we were at work. But is this really a problem?

The answer is Yes, this is a big problem amongst today's teens, and young adults. Kids today justify it by saying, "Well at least I'm not on drugs." Little do they know that games, are considered to be a differnt type of drug today.
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Virtual Bondage?
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Symptoms of Video Game Addiction
For Children:

  1. Most of their “free time”, non-school hours are spent on the computer or playing                video games.
  2. Fatigue; tendency to fall asleep in school.
  3. Not keeping up with homework assignments/not turning in homework on time.
  4. Worsening grades.
  5. Lying about computer or video game use so computer or video game privileges aren’t         taken away.
  6. Choosing the computer or playing video games rather than spending time with friends        or family.
  7. Dropping out of activities such as social groups, clubs or sports.
  8. Irritable, cranky or agitated (withdrawal symptoms) when not playing a video game or        on the computer.

For Adults:

  1. Obsession or preoccupation about computer games or playing video games on a               video game console excessively
  2. Neglecting personal relationships with friends and family to spend more time playing        video games
  3. Difficulty keeping up with personal or professional responsibilities due to increased          hours playing video games. Have you ever “called in sick” to stay home to play your         favorite game?
  4. Lying to others about computer or video game use. Do you sneak time to play                  games, perhaps late at night while others are asleep? Has someone close to you,                perhaps your significant other, ever criticized you for spending too much time                   playing video games rather than spending time with them?
  5. While not spending time on the internet or playing video games, do you feel angry,           agitated, irritable or depressed? Do you experience withdrawal symptoms when not          playing video games?
  6. Do you spend most of your time thinking or wishing you could be playing your                 favorite game or surfing the web?
  7. Do you become so involved in playing video games that you sometimes neglect to            eat, sleep, or bathe?
  8. Do you ever experience physical symptoms such as backaches, dry eyes or                        headaches after playing video games? Have you been diagnosed with carpal tunnel           syndrome or experience symptoms of carpal tunnel?

If you have found this information to be useful to you or a loved one please do not hesitate, contact us today to learn about how we can help your troubled teen break free from this bondage. Many parents today do not understand the chains that video game addiction can cause to their families, and it is important to understand that internet or online addiction is considered today as another drug. Likewise we have made a program in the beautiful North-East Scottsdale area to help teens understand that they too can live a healthy functional life. Thank you for reading this page.
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