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What Types Of Internet Addictions Are There?
Online trading addiction is a relatively new problem and one that one needs to consider.  The pitfall of an online stock or day trader, whether they are a beginner or a professional, is a sad story of how a person can made some really good trades online and then loss it all and more when they are hooked.  These behaviors, we believe, draw upon addictions and in particular, gambling addiction and behaviors and have similarities with compulsive gambling behavior.  Now, with the advent of online trading, it's possible for just about anyone with a compulsive personality to get into trouble trading stocks.
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Day Trader & Online Stock Market  Addiction
The Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey, which has a special section on its Web site devoted to stock trading, estimates that 5% of all online investors exhibit the tendencies of a compulsive gambler.  Thousands of people around the country simply couldn't stop trading setting off a flood of calls to counselors from concerned family members.  Stockbrokers have left the business, starting more than ten years ago, after realizing that they were not merely trading stocks, but were gambling.  Unfortunately, online trading addiction is on the rise; they get addicted to online trading, lose huge chunks of their savings and bottom out.

Day trading, even if it's inappropriate for most people, is a legitimate way to earn a living.  It becomes a problem only when people are unable to stop day trading even when they're on a long losing streak.  The following are the warning signs of a possible online-trading addiction:
  • You're a thrill seeker and enjoy the challenge of trading as much as and maybe even more than making money. 
  • Another red flag is when trading stocks becomes a game an end in itself rather than a vehicle to earn a living or build a retirement nest egg. 
  • Family members and friends express concern about your trading. 

There are some suggestions that may prevent you from getting hooked on online trading.
  • Make sure if you're trading you're completely honest with your family members or spouse. 
  • We suggest only trading a prearranged amount, and not adding more even if the loses accumulates. 
  • If trading becomes a need we have to satisfy, how much fun can this really be?
There is a special section on the Smart Money web site devoted to stock trading and online trading addiction with the warning signs that may help you determine if you have a problem.

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