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Mobile Phone Text Messaging, is Unlimited Texting really worth it?

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Texting has gone too far!

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Text Messaging
Texting Addiction?
Psalms 46:10 Be Still and know that I am God.
Let's take a look at Texting Statistics

72.2% of wireless users have paid for SMS packages. 

This equates to 203 million Americans.

57% of wireless users 13+ are considered regular text message users.

There has been a 107% increase in text message use in the USA in the past year.

2.5 billion text messages are sent each on average

23% higher risk of getting into a wreck while text messaging.

46% of teens admit to texting while driving.

61% of teens admit to risky driving habits from texts.

Texting Warning
Symptoms of Mobile Phone Texting Addiction

    1. Does your Teen not allow you to make a phone call from their phone?
    2. Teen gets antsy when in areas where no cell service exists.
    3. Does your Teen have trouble looking someone in the eye?
Of course there are many others but these are the few that are vey common today, teens are losing social skills, because they are always waiting for their phone to vibrate or ring. There is a solution to this common problem amongst teens today. Contact Us Now!
Teen Text Messaging Mobile Phone Addiction Troubled
Text messaging syndrome is time consuming and encourages preoccupied conversations which, of course, affects everyone. Numerous teenagers and adults apparently anticipate internal questions such as, "Who has written to me now?" and "How many messages have I received?" Great questions, of course, although I believe it is also beneficial to anticipate everyday moments we often miss. Many teens these days spend hours a day staring at their cell phones, they miss out on a lot opportunities because they aren't focused on anything else. Text messaging used to be an alternate use to calling, but now days teens say "I don't even answer my phone, just text me." As you parent your child remember getting them unlimited texting may enable them to find habits that aren't necessary involving their phones. Contact us Now!
Text Messaging Teens Troubled Mobile Phone Addiction Texts