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What Types Of Internet Addictions Are There?
It is very possible for one to become addicted to chat rooms and chat lines. I have listed here a few of the warning signs that tend to be tale tell signs of an addiction starting to occur. If you notice three or more of these warning signs in yourself, then it is time to unplug yourself from the Internet and take an inventory of your life. Ask your loved one the degree to which they've noticed these warnings in you life, as well. No matter how signifigant a part of your life your online friends have become, your family, church friends and family, and most of all Christ should be your main priority. If you are trapped in the net, don't fret, through Christ all things are possible.
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Chat Line & Chat Room Addiction
  • When it comes to people in your life, such as your family, church community, and friends vs. your online friends do you find that you chat in more detail and for longer periods of time with you online friends?
  • Your friends and family do not appear to understand you or your feelings like your online friends understand you.
  • You have began to have romantic feelings or even fantasies about people you've met in your chat rooms.
  • You are plagued by agitation and anxiety if you have not visited you favorite chat room for a few days.
  • You have chosen the internet over your once favorite hobbies or other creative activities.
  • You begin finding faults in your church or see it as hypocritical and feel that the only true Christian love you've ever experienced came from the internet.
  • You neglect spending time or fellowship with friends and family, or miss appointments or even church to spent time on the internet.
  • Your phone line is tied up for hours. Loved ones complain incessently that your spending entirely to much time logged onto the internet and far to little time enjoying real life.
  • Your sleep is compromised because of your late nights spent logged onto the internet.
  • You internet use has made you work, housework, love life, church life and other areas of your life suffer.
  • If your family, pastor, or friends bring up your internet usage you become defensive and secretive.
  • When agitated, stressed, angry, or depressed, you repeatedly turn to chat rooms for relief rather than the Lord, The Bible,  in personal prayer, or your family.
  • You devotion to Jesus Christ and your church are withering away, and you seem to be more and more devoted to your favorite chat rooms.
  • While engaged in other activities and hobbies you find your thoughts turn toward your chat friends or online activities on a regular basis.
  • You feel distanced from your church, family and friends, while feeling closer to your online friends & you find it harder to relate to you family and friends, and much easier to relate to you online friends.
  • Anticipation builds to the extent that you feel a "high" when you first log onto your computer.

Chat Room Safety

  • Never, under any circumstances reveal your address, birth date, social security number, full name, telephone number in a private chat room or aloud on video chat or voice chat to any one at any time, no matter how much you think you can trust them. If you feel this person is someone you can trust and you must give them any information, please do it through email. A good idea for this would be to set up a free email through Gmail, Yahoo, or any other of the numerous free email sites, to use as a chat email. It is very easy for one to "Phish" or hack another person's chat persona, so be careful.
  • Remember that no matter how much you think you know someone online, you never know everything about them, and there is only so much you can learn about someone online. People tend to only tell what they want you to know online. There are no "Open Books" online when it comes to people you meet in chat rooms. There's a reason why they form relationships in chat rooms rather than in their real lives. Many con artists use the internet as a way to con people, giving hardluck stories of poverty and homelessness, yet they stay logged onto the internet for hours and hours on end. Point them to their local church, or even your church or the many social services locations in your area if a desperate situation arises.
  • Never leave young children or teenagers unsupervised online or in chatrooms for extended periods of time. Teach kids to "turn off" the computer in situations where they don't feel confortable in a chat room. Know who your children are chatting with and frequently check in on the conversations they are having. Do not allow the internet or chat room to become a babysitter for children or teenagers.
  • When in a chat room and a troublesome person comes in, do not engage them in further conversation by praying for them, rebuking them, cursing them, screaming at them or trying to calm them down. It only intensifies the situation and gives the troublemaker the attention they are seeking. Ignore them and they will undoubtedly go away when they get bored. Copy down their IP address, and report them to the chat room moderator and they will likely be banned from further communications.