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Internet Dating
Long Distance Relationships
1Ti 4:12  Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity.
Teens Online Dating Growing

Teen online dating has just exploded recently. More and more teens are getting into it. There are now a bigger number of teens using dating online than adults. This isn't a huge surprise considering that teens usually catch onto the latest craze faster than adults. Online dating is one of the most convenient ways of dating since it allows you to find people with similar tastes and personalities. Furthermore, it allows teens to meet way more people than they normally would, and it continues to grow. Another aspect of Online dating is this, dating sites are designed only for adults. To join, you have to click a box that states that you're eighteen or older. Obviously, there's nothing to stop a younger teen from clicking the box and getting full access to the site. Adults who use these sites need to keep this in mind. Claiming not to have known that your date was underage doesn't hold up well in court. Of course, teens who are eighteen and over are welcome, and there are plenty of them online. If you feel your teen may be in this contact us.
Online Love

One of the most popular aspects of the Internet is the way it brings people who would never have met each other together.  People can engage in relationships from across the country or the world, old friends can keep in touch, dates can be made, and of course things can get out of hand. It may start out as just a casual once or twice a week, then all of a sudden chemistry between you and another begin to happen. There are countless stories out there of people fallling in love online, then meeting in person and being totally different! Once things get rolling between you and another online, you'll find yourself distracted from important things such as daily tasks, and responsibilites. Some people even date online many different people at the same time, they think no one will know. This is why people are anxious to get online and see who's online now?
Troubled Teens Online Internet Dating
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                   Online Dating can get you into bad situations!

Online Dating can get you into a whirl of hang-ups, this can cause false senses of love. Many people have been successful at online dating, while many have found the special someone online is someone they wish they'd never met. There has been murders over online dating, divorces, fathers leaving families, and much more. It's a sad day when a family splits apart, the Devil's number one target is to divide families, and he does it in such a way where lust is involved at times. A lot of times people just have a little casual fun with online dating, then out of no where they're actually finding themselves falling in love with their virtual friend. Be careful, and always remeber keep Christ 1st.