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Hope For Teens is a Christian placement agency for families in crisis with troubled loved-ones.

We offer help through an established network of approved and specialized agencies, customized to the age, situation, and needs of the student.

Instead of the conventional treatment facility or ranch setting, our program is integrated within a community that consists of church, school, social centers and homes all within the suburbs of beautiful Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona.

Students have the opportunity to experience change and avoid institutionalization within the reality and the support of community thereby giving them the opportunity to adapt in a real life environment, which means they are better equipped for facing life once the treatment program is over.
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A Whole Solution for the Whole Person
A heart-transformation model treats the core issues of the inner
Our ministry network includes:

The combined services and collaborative efforts of our network address the needs of the whole person by providing a whole solution addressing spiritual, emotional, social, academic, physical, and familial needs.
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5 Point Treamemt Plan Details
Addiction Recovery
Emotional Healing
Social Maturity
Possitive Character Formation
Spiritual Growth
Hope For Teens provides long- and short-term spiritual treatment programs all year round, for all ages. Enrollment can take as little as 24 hours, at any point during the year. We work closely with you to plan the transition into and out of the program.  

However, one unique feature to our ministry is that we only accept teens from Christian homes.  This is not because we don’t care about the others, but because we only want parents who will be in agreement with our values. 

Why? Mostly because that gives us a foundation and a support system to build off of, but also because we are essentially inviting these students to join our community and we need to ensure, for the sake of our own families, that the parents that place their child will give us the authority to enforce our principles.
Net addiction program group
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Homes Located in the North-East, Scottsdale Area
Many of our homes contain pools