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What Types Of Internet Addictions Are There?
Do you think you or someone you care about may be caught in the net, suffering from internet addictions and are looking for internet addiction help? With the fame and status of the internet, especially over the last ten years, internet addiction disorder has become much more prevalent.  

Internet addiction, like any other kind of addictions are portrayed by the obsessive behaviors of the addict in the unmanageable use of the internet for an assortment of activities that range from online gaming to internet shopping, extreme use of email, and many hours of meaningless web browsing. 

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Teens Online Internet Addiction Troubled Problems
Are You Hooked On Video Games?
Online Gaming Addiction 
The stories of online gaming are becoming more frequent.  There are reports about gamers who play for extended periods of time and suffer for it, some even dying apparently as a result of too much video gaming. Is online gaming detrimental or even hazardous or addictive as some claim? Click here for more to learn the latest news about this disturbing phenomenon.

Treatment Approach
Teens Online Internet Addiction Troubled Problems
Look Familiar?
A Problem Teens can Avoid
Internet addiction can affect individules of any age, race, ge sex or social class. Access to computers and the internet has become so simple, even your mobile phone and texting, that anyone can fall victim to internet addiction for any number of reasons. 
  • Restructured home environment
  • School classes and Biblical Studies
  • Training clients positive technological skills class
  • 60 day breaking addictions course
  • Clients journaling daily
  • Non-computer or electronic social activities, sports and games
  • Group discussions regarding positive alternate activities, hobbies, reading, developing person-to-person socialization skills and processing the 12 step program 
  • Personal or group social activities
  • Learning to enjoy reading
  • Finding a positive hobby
  • Weekly outings
Internet addictions are categorized with other progression addictions like gambling addictionshopping addiction, and some types of sexual addiction. Individuals who are suffering from internet addiction disorder are not classified as being addicted to the internet because of how much time they may spend on the internet, but how that time interferes with and affects that their academics and work, home, social and spiritual life. No matter what its type of addiction, it is generally considered to be diagnosed when an individual's life becomes unmanageable and/or out of control.

If you or your loved one cannot stay away from the computer for any length of time or are online for several hours per day, you or they may have an internet addiction disorder and need internet addiction help.  Contact us now!

In today’s technology driven society there is so much to do online, from games to chatting with friends, communication and possibly your work; it's easy to become a net addict. While abstinence is a practical option for other addictions, most people need to use their computer daily for work or school. Instead of abstaining from the Internet completely, there are some strategies and tips you can utilize to end an Internet addiction.